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Communication– An Amazing Two-Sided Thing We Do Sometimes

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A colleague of mine is a lead for a certain department (*cough* Technology) and had a few bits to contribute to our staff meeting today that I was admittedly astounded by. It will seem silly if I just explain outright what he said, so I’ll explain why I was astounded first:

1) It’s embarrassing that he had to point out that effective communication is only truly effective if it’s two-sided.

2) He pointed it out specifically because of how it affects the functioning of his department (so they’re tech, and they are meant to be tech support, but, because they have so little feedback from teachers sometimes, it ends up that there’s a bit of a role reversal or miscommunication that unintentionally happens. Basically– they have to keep doing stuff, because they work, whether they have teachers to support or not.  The best possible scenario however, is to have as many teachers involved as possible– that’s precisely why they’re there. I emailed him and signed up right after the meeting– it’s honestly the only useful thing outside of course development I can do right now that isn’t totally soul-crushing, and I’m surprised I didn’t do it sooner. I hope my vast audience points out the err of my ways if I’m wrong on this [1]  point. It’s astounding to me though primarily because it applies to everyone, not just tech.

3)  It was the most valuable thing I’ve heard anyone say about us as teachers having integral voices at a meeting in a long time– I (kettle meet pot, of course) sat there and thought to myself, “all he would have to do is just say, ‘oh by the way, our staff meetings are similarly useless for the exact same reasons,”  and people’s heads would have come flying off and bounced around the floor in a state of utter agog.  He came close with a comment about the one person who is not admin who does talk at our meetings, but it was interpreted incorrectly by his audience.

4) Is it bad that it actually felt weird and uplifting all at the same time to hear someone to say this kind of thing in a meeting? I felt strangely vindicated for some reason.



[1] All two of you.





Author: Kyla Coulman

English teacher at ADLC.

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