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A distance education teacher making her way in the microcosm of Barrhead.


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Gahh, I’m such a slow poke, I know. I’ve been working like crazy though, so hopefully things start to happen faster, though I’m sure people just think I slack off, lol.

You can upload module 3 workbook 5 at dropcanvas here:

Failing this (some schools have mad restrictions), you can download it here in this post: English 20-2 Mod.3, WB 5

On to Workbook 6, 7 & 8. It sounds daunting in the time constraints I face, but I have to admit– the graphic novel workbook was tough, because I’ve never taught graphic novels before. I know them, and I understand them, but putting that into teachable form is a whole other thing.

Another interesting thing I’d like to take the time to complain about is the formal personal response requirement in the English 20-2 curriculum. I wish we could be a little more logical here, when thinking about things that students “need” to be able to do (it should be enough that a student can articulate the discovery and connection to a theme- they shouldn’t necessarily have to write essays about it). I know we’re in a time of “mega change”, but I know the literary essay is just never going to go away for the 30-2 kids, and so the 20-2 personal response will never die…and it sucks. Yep. There, I said it!


Author: Kyla Coulman

English teacher at ADLC.

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