Irregular Vowel Movements

A distance education teacher making her way in the microcosm of Barrhead.

I have a lot to think about lately.

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Let me just say, I have a lot to talk about in up and coming posts about the 21st Century Learning Leadership forum. I’ll preface this with an insane thought I had in my conference notes in response to a particular presenter:

Are we actually in a time of complexity or chaos though, or is it that we don’t know how to sort, prioritize and organize ourselves within the vestiges we’ve created in an educationally productive fashion? What if educational challenges right now are just evidence that all our short-term thinking, ingenuity and innovation is kicking us in the ass with the long term element of surprise that was not factored in at all? What if this “shift” is all in response to our lack of long term thinking and planning? Isn’t this reactive? What would it look like to make this process or undertaking proactive instead?”


But really, I could just be crazy and no one is brave enough to say it, lol.


Author: Kyla Coulman

English teacher at ADLC.

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