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What I REALLY Meant to Say was…

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I had an interview today that I kind of flubbed. It’s the dreamiest job too, but I think in my excitement I got too carried away in the planning. I had a loose outline that, had I kept it general and to the point, would have probably worked, but I over-complicated it with information. It kind of made me think of my new teacher days, and multiple choice questions. What happened is that I didn’t trust myself, and I over-prepared, and got overcome by my information. If I had left my notes on Christina’s desk, instead of having them in front of me, I probably would have been better off.

That said– I also had so much more that I wanted to say! I forgot to bring up my ideas because I got stuck in “right-answer” land a few times. I know that there will be future opportunities to share my ideas, but it kind of bums me out, because I know they’re brilliant, but flubbing = time waster. Next time, I’m just going to wing it. For some reason, winging it makes me feel much more confident. I don’t know why. Anyways, for reference’s sake, I made an awesome Symbaloo to share with folks. It’s so awesome.And on the topic….customizable learning consoles for distance learners, anyone? Totally an idea I forgot to bring up. Argh argh argh.



Author: Kyla Coulman

English teacher at ADLC.

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