Irregular Vowel Movements

A distance education teacher making her way in the microcosm of Barrhead.

Course Development part deux

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I’ve completed the blueprint. If you’d like, you can see this here: English20-2Blueprint

Now that the blue print is unveiled and being peer reviewed hopefully as I speak, I am basically going to start gathering the materials to compose the first module, which is pretty darn exciting.  There is only one day left until the break, but I will spend it wisely and hopefully have made some headway on the learning styles survey by tomorrow. Over the break I’m planning to compose and get a good idea of the avatars I would like in the course, and get a head start on drawing them out. The jury is still out on whether I can use drawn animations, but it’s my break, we’ll see what I can do.When I return from break, the writing will hopefully begin in earnest, unless there are some drastic changes needed to the blueprint.


Author: Kyla Coulman

English teacher at ADLC.

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