Irregular Vowel Movements

A distance education teacher making her way in the microcosm of Barrhead.

Mad scientist ?

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I did get quite a few things accomplished on Friday, which was good. I holed up in Multipurpose B and made had myself a very good brainstorm. I’m finding (interestingly) that this approach of isolation is very beneficial for me. I kept my laptop closed the whole time. On the topic, I can’t help but think it might be beneficial to have PD with distance ed. staff specifically on how to manage distraction at their desk top. I think our purpose and daily goals get eaten up by a lot of unnecessary tasks and distractions every day, namely email. It might be nice to acknowledge this reality when it comes to talking about time on task, and give ideas on how to make that time happen for individuals that struggle with it.

I have to say too, unfortunately, that this IS somewhat generationally specific sometimes. Arguably, my generation and younger have a bit of ADD when it comes to time on task where digital media is concerned. Or maybe we’re just irresponsible. One thing is clear however– expectations cannot be nebulous. Who knows. Either way…interesting stuff.

Today is the beginning of my last week to complete the blue print. What then are my goals for the week?

Get ‘er done.


Author: Kyla Coulman

English teacher at ADLC.

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