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Back in time

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I forgot yesterday’s post:

Yesterday, I set out to get my outcomes ordered up and sorted out. I’m still working on this, because I had compiled all this data to get it together, and while I’ve figured out how to approach this, I’m still working out how to make this stuff make sense. This is vague, yes, but that is what I did yesterday. My project coordinator also sat me down for a recap of UbD just to make sure our stories are straight, and we brainstormed a bit on how to set things out. One thing that came up was to use the critical thinking model to add some structure to each unit– so students are able to recognize the expectation as familiar throughout. Since it’s critical thinking, I think it’s a great idea (the more the better), and there are less concerns then arising about repetitive unnecessary things being in the course. No matter how you slice it, critical thinking is never repetitive or redundant, even in hindsight : P

Today, I’m holing up in Multipurpose B like a crazy math genius that doesn’t write on windows (lucky you), and I’m not coming out empty-handed, even if it takes me all night.  I will have order, semblance, and the like, hopefully before the Meat Draw tonight at the Legion [1].


[1] There will be meat!



Author: Kyla Coulman

English teacher at ADLC.

One thought on “Back in time

  1. I miss you, Kyla! You’re hilarious! Good luck with your development goals and tonight’s meat draw! 😉

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