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I’m back…

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Well, it’s back to the frigid climate of Alberta after a sunny week in BC. While I was in BC, I managed to get quite a bit of work done, in between getting sick and playing with my niece. I finished reading “Hole in My Life” by Jack Gantos, and also finished reading “With Wings” by Beth Goobie. Both of these novels would be great options for the English 20-2 reading list, so I’m excited about that.

Weekly Goals:

It looks like I am going to need more time attached to my course blueprint deadline. I still need to arrange my units and get my themes sorted out, not to mention the other shlog of stuff that needs to go in there. Why am I taking so long? It’s all about the planning. The goal is that if I plan painstakingly, the writing will be the easy (and much more fun) part.

What I’m planning to accomplish today:

  • Finish assembling my P.O.S. Outcomes into some usable structure
  • Send off prioritized outcomes for second opinion of my peer reviewers and sub-review committee
  • Establish my unit themes
  • Plug away at the overall blue print document (it’s a monstrous beast)

What I accomplished:

I did end up accomplishing all of these things, except I have no finalized form of unit themes, just rough ideas. This is a work in progress. I’m really attached to the ideas that are basically in the model of a 21st Century Learner, and I am hoping to integrate all of these components of course, but for grade specific (20-2) purposes, it is difficult to nail them down into specific “accessible” themes. In short, it’s just too exciting, I don’t want to miss anything!


Author: Kyla Coulman

English teacher at ADLC.

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