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It was a rainy and dark morning…

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Plans for the week: Right now, I am working to complete my English 20-2 course development blueprint. It is my goal by the end of the week to have all the ground work done so that I may start mapping out my units, learning components and assignments by next week. This means that by the end of this week, I will have finished prioritizing my learning outcomes for English 20-2, and will have made a positive step forward in mapping out how my course is going to look. I am also hoping to have themes and texts to use straightened out by the end of the week. My blueprint is “due” on October 14th, 2011.

Tasks Planned for the day: Prioritizing English 20-2 learning outcomes from the Alberta Program of Studies (yes…not done this yet)

Anticipated Activity: Composing the outcomes for each of the five General Outcomes for English Language Arts (20-2), and prioritizing them in the following manner:

Priority 1(Essential) = Will it provide students with knowledge and skills beyond a single test date? Is it necessary for the next grade? Is it of value in multiple disciplines? Does it require higher-level thinking? Is it enduring? Words to consider: judge, justify, decide, choose, analyze, evaluate.

Priority 2 (Important) = Will it help teach the essential outcomes? Does it require “mid-level” thinking? Words to consider: show, explain, summarize, describe, reflect, examine, monitor, modify, recognize, assess, experiment, apply.

Priority 3 (Support) = Does it require low-level thinking? Does the knowledge endure? Words to consider: label, recall, list, identify, select)

Accomplishments and Developments:

I noticed today, as I got this work done, that there is a lot of garbage-y stuff in those curriculum outcomes. This is an aside, I know, but I did get this work done. I do still need to complete my prioritizing of the outcomes, but at least I have a working document now.  I will also need to get these documents proofed, and also print out a guide to implementation. I’m somewhat dubious as to how helpful that will be, but we’ll see. Getting down to the nitty gritties here….


Author: Kyla Coulman

English teacher at ADLC.

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