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“Oh yeah— I haven’t started doing that yet.” (October 5th, 2011 )

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One month ago, I was ready to take daily progress reports by the cojones and deal with them as efficiently as possible (The internet. It’s easy!). Somewhere along the line, a whole lot of insanity occurred, and I only realized this morning at our Senior High staff meeting that yes, it is imperative and an admin expectation that we be doing this now (and if you haven’t started, you better start, because everyone else has already done so).  Good idea on how to do it, in other words, but once again, timing is not my strong point (in a matter of speaking).

Now, because I am in development, I expect that my daily progress reports are going to look different from most staff in that I may not have extensively long strings of things I’ve been up to, but I will try to compensate for that by providing the detail and significance of each task. Where possible, I will provide links to my Development blog  in case a more in-depth picture of my development is desired (everything will be going here).


Plans for the week: Right now, I am working to complete my English 20-2 course development blueprint. It is my goal by the end of the week to have all the ground work done so that I may start mapping out my units, learning components and assignments by next week. This means that by the end of this week, I will have finished prioritizing my learning outcomes for English 20-2, and will have made a positive step forward in mapping out how my course is going to look. I am also hoping to have themes and texts to use straightened out by the end of the week. My blueprint is “due” on October 14th, 2011.

Tasks Planned for the day: Prioritizing English 20-2 learning outcomes from the Alberta Program of Studies

Anticipated Activity: Composing the outcomes for each of the five General Outcomes for English Language Arts (20-2), and prioritizing them in the following manner:

Priority 1(Essential) = Will it provide students with knowledge and skills beyond a single test date? Is it necessary for the next grade? Is it of value in multiple disciplines? Does it require higher-level thinking? Is it enduring? Words to consider: judge, justify, decide, choose, analyze, evaluate.

Priority 2 (Important) = Will it help teach the essential outcomes? Does it require “mid-level” thinking? Words to consider: show, explain, summarize, describe, reflect, examine, monitor, modify, recognize, assess, experiment, apply.

Priority 3 (Support) = Does it require low-level thinking? Does the knowledge endure? Words to consider: label, recall, list, identify, select)

Accomplishments and Developments:

It turns out that establishing blogs (with links and functioning directories) for both my development projects and this update endeavor is a pretty time consuming task. The good news is now both are primed to be easily facilitated. The bad news is I really thought this would go more quickly.


Author: Kyla Coulman

English teacher at ADLC.

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