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Blast from the Past

For interest’s sake, I thought I’d share something that occurred in Barrhead a couple of weeks ago that I found quite unusual!

Sandy Cober came over to my desk with a big stack of very old and very unfamiliar green-covered print workbooks. First, the expression on her face was notable as she said, “kiddo, I hope you can figure out what to do about this, because I’m not sure…”

The stack of booklets Sandy gave me date back to Alberta Correspondence School times (ye olden days) and were completed by a lady named Margo (I’ve left out her full name, for privacy’s sake). Upon further consult with Cam, the estimated age of these books is probably about 50-65 years old, though neither of us are 100% sure. Margo actually found the booklets at a used book store and took them home to do the work…about 20 years ago.

She started working on these in 1987, roughly, and finished them about 3 weeks ago, having worked on them sporadically since. Recently, she submitted them to us, upon completing all the lessons in the course (Adult English 2, a course we no longer even offer).

The work that she completed in the workbooks is meticulously done and quite complete. When speaking to Cam about this, showing him her work and the sheer amount and quality of it, it was decided that we as an organization should provide her a free course, materials included, if she was interested.

Now the fun part—tracking down said student! Google-mapping Margo’s address revealed that she lived in a senior’s home in central Alberta. When I called at first, I was given a bit of a go-around, but eventually my number fell into Margo’s hands and she called me back. We had a great conversation about her work and the booklets, and it was very cool to give her the option of taking another course with us.

When I asked her about doing the work despite not being a registered student, she said she chose to do it because she simply wanted to better herself and her writing ability. The lessons gave her that opportunity and she found the work enjoyable. She mailed them in because she wasn’t sure if we would mark them for her or not, but it was apparently worth a shot (lol).

She is quite excited about the prospect of taking another course with us, and is eagerly awaiting the chance to go over the course reg guide to make her choice. Margo is in her seventies to early eighties now, I think (this is my estimated guess—I thought it might be impolite to ask how old she really was), and definitely exemplifies a life-long learner!

I hope you all found this as interesting as I did and that you have a great afternoon! A big thank you goes out to Cam for advocating such a cool opportunity for a “new” student!